Spring 2013 Boot Camp

The Digital Humanities Boot Camp Series is a collection of workshops that introduce workshop participants to topics and tools for digital humanities projects. The series launched on January 10, 2013. This site will provide many of the resources that are discussed in the workshops as well as provide news and information about upcoming events in digital humanities.

Below are links to the presentation materials our speakers shared during their presentations:

DH workshop 1 powerpoint

Lisa Spiro: Doing Things with Text Workshop slides

Lisa Spiro: Doing Things with Text Exercises

Caleb McDaniel: Online Publishing

Jane Zhao and Nadalia Liu: Film and Audio Digitization and Editing

Jean Aroom and Kim Ricker: Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

Kirsten Ostherr: Cultural Significance of Visualization

Lisa Spiro: Visualization Tools

Jeffrey Fleisher: digital reconstruction talk links

Grants, Proposals, and Resources: Geneva Henry and Melissa Bailar


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