Spring 2013 Course

Thursdays Noon-1pm (lunch provided)

Location: Digital Media Commons unless otherwise specified


Workshop leaders:

Geneva Henry (Executive Director, Digital Scholarship Services): ghenry@rice.edu, x2480

Melissa Bailar (Professor in the Practice of Humanities, Associate Director Humanities Research Center): melba@rice.edu, x5968


Series Description: This series introduces graduate students to a wide range of tools for the conceptualization and implementation of digital humanities projects.  Through lectures and workshops, students learn about trends in data visualization, online publishing, digital archiving, and more.  The series will include discussions of grant and employment opportunities in this growing field.


Expectations: participants commit to attending all workshop sessions.  Please note that there is a waiting list for the series.  If you cannot make this commitment, please relinquish your spot to someone else.  Please arrive on time, as the workshops are only one hour long.


Logistics: Five laptops will be provided for participants to share during the series.  Some workshops will require the use of specific software, which has been loaded onto the laptops.  Participants should feel free to bring their own laptops to use when specific software is not required.  Different guest speakers who are experts in various fields of digital humanities will lead each workshop.  Geneva and Melissa will also be in attendance.  Should you have any concerns or questions, please email or call Geneva or Melissa or the Humanities Research Center (hrc@rice.edu).

Note that this is a pilot series.  Any suggestions are welcome throughout the semester.  After the end of the series, we will distribute a survey; please complete it so that we can incorporate your suggestions as we redesign and expand digital humanities opportunities in the future.

Schedule for Spring 2013


January 10
Topic: Overview of Digital Humanities: Trends and Tools
Discussion leaders: Geneva Henry and Melissa Bailar

January 24
Topic: Markup, metadata, tagging
Discussion Leader: Lisa Spiro (Director, National Institute for Technology in Liberal Education)

February 7
Topic: Online publishing
Discussion leaders: Caleb McDaniel (Assistant Professor of History, Rice University)

February 21
Topic: Film and audio digitization and editing
Discussion Leaders: Jane Zhao (Director, Digital Media Commons, Rice University) and Nadalia Liu (Supervisor, Digital Media Commons, Rice University)

March 7
Topic: Geographic Information System (GIS) Mapping
Discussion Leaders: Kim Ricker (Head of GIS/Data Center, Fondren Library, Rice University) and Jean Niswonger (GIS Support Specialist, Fondren Library, Rice University)

March 21
Topic: Visualization: Tools and Perspectives
Discussion Leader: Lisa Spiro (Director, National Institute for Technology in Liberal Education) and Kirsten Ostherr (Associate Professor of English, Rice University)

April 4
Topic: Visualizing humanities research (in the visualization lab)
Discussion Leader: Jeffrey Fleisher (Assistant Professor of Anthropology, Rice University)

April 11
Topic: Putting this into action: proposals and projects; feedback on the pilot program
Discussion leaders: Geneva Henry and Melissa Bailar

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