Here is a list of digital humanities/ digital social science projects at Rice University; some are just getting started, while others are five+ years old.

Digital Archives and Collections

Digital Medical Humanities

Network Analysis

  • Network Analysis of the Founder of the Chinese Communist Party, Chen Duxiu. Late Qing Early Republic Biographical Database (Anne Chao)  [also Global DH]

Scholarly Communication

  • Caleb McDaniel’s open notebook history
  • Open access collection through Rice Digital Scholarship Archive
  • Scalar book accompanying Applied Media Studies, edited by Kirsten Ostherr
  • Digital Repository of Latin American Writings in the US (Heffes)
  • Rice Historical Review

Spatial Humanities

  • imagineRio (el-Dahdah, Metcalf)  [also Global DH & Urban DH]
  • LCinPortugal [Lucio Costa] (el-Dahdah)   [also Global DH & Urban DH]
  • capitalTransfer (Alexander, el-Dahdah)  [also Global DH & Urban DH]
  • New Orleans Mortality Project (Kennedy)t [also Urban DH]
  • diverseLevant (el-Dahdah/ Makdisi)  [also Global DH & Urban DH]
  • instituteRice (el-Dahdah/ Kean)
  • Houston LGBT Bar Project (Brian Riedel)
  • Houston’s Red Light District, 1908-1917 (Brian Riedel)
  • Comparing Christianities Mapping Project / April DeConnick (Religion)
  • Comprehending Ludwig Hilberseimer / Scott Colman (Architecture)
  • Mapping Disease and Famine in Eighteenth Century Mexico / Moramay Lopez Alonso (History)
  • Rouen 1525 / Linda Neagley (Art History)
  • Songo Mnara Urban Landscape Project / Jeff Fleisher (Anthropology)
  • The Bayou Project / Albert Pope (Architecture)
  • The Cartographer as Go-Between / Alida Metcalf (History)

Studies of Digital Humanities Community and Practices

Teaching and Learning

High-throughput Image Analysis

  • Erez Lieberman Aiden, Urban Image Census

Text Mining and Analysis

3D modeling

Technical Analysis of Art Objects


See also “Digital Humanities Initiative” in Humanitas 2014 , p. 5 (pdf) and the Humanities Research Center’s computational humanities work.

Last updated September 29, 2016

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