Members of Rice’s Digital Humanities group include:

  • Tani Barlow, Ting Tsung & Wei Fung Chao Professor of History
  • Benjamin Brochstein, Adjunct Faculty, Religion Department
  • Anne Chao, Adjunct Lecturer, School of Humanities
  • Daniel B. Domingues da Silva, Assistant Professor, Department of History
  • Farès el-Dahdah, Director of the Humanities Research Center, Professor of the Humanities
  • Josh Eyler, Director, Center for Teaching Excellence, Adjunct Assoc. Professor, Humanities
  • Amanda Focke, Asst Head, Special Collections
  • Don H. Johnson, J.S. Abercrombie Professor Emeritus of Electrical & Computer Engineering
  • John Mulligan, Lecturer and Digital Scholarship Postdoctoral Fellow
  • Elisabeth Narkin, Spatial Humanities  Post-doctoral Fellow, Humanities Research Center
  • Marie Saldaña, Spatial Humanities Postdoctoral Fellow, Humanities Research Center
  • Lisa Spiro, Executive Director, Digital Scholarship Services
  • Kyle G. Sweeney, Postdoctoral Fellow, Spatial Humanities Initiative, Humanities Research Center

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