Fall Research Computing/Digital Humanities Workshop Series

The Rice Digital Humanities (DH) group, in partnership with postdocs from the Center for Research Computing (CRC), Fondren Library and the Humanities Research Center (HRC), will be holding a series of practical workshops this fall semester. In these workshops, we will introduce you to new DH work being done and possibilities being introduced on campus, and more importantly, show you how work like this is done.

Workshops will take place 3-4pm, Digital Media Commons Multipurpose Room (basement of Fondren).

Thursday October 12:
Fall DH meetup!

An opportunity to check in with the community on campus, and updates on available campus services in brief presentations from:

  • Lisa Spiro on Fondren Library’s support for the digital humanities.
  • John Mulligan and Clinton Heider on the CRC’s resources and services for humanities and social science researchers.

Thursday October 26:
Using the JSTOR API, with John Mulligan and Clinton Heider.

Learn to make automated queries to the JSTOR database. See an example of what can be done with this data, in an intertextual mapping of Shakespeare passages.
Bring your laptop, and register for a JSTOR API account beforehand! We will have you code along with the examples.

Wednesday November 8:
Mapping and 3D Modeling: A Lightning Workshop, with Marie Saldaña and Elisabeth Narkin, HRC Spatial Humanities Postdoctoral Fellows.

We will briefly introduce projects that use digital cartography and 3D modeling as tools for humanities research, then provide a quick, hands-on workshop demonstrating software to get you started on your own project. For those interested in developing the skills introduced here, a week-long bootcamp will be offered in December (details TBA).
If you’d like to follow along with the tutorial on your own laptop, please download or register for the following software prior to the workshop: Mapbox (free version of the web application); Sketchup Make

Wednesday November 29:
Virtual Machines @ Rice, with John Mulligan and Clinton Heider.

“Virtual machines” are simulations of operating systems run on large servers; they allow users to run any number of processes, like web apps or computational jobs. The CRC is building capacity to provide this service to Rice researchers; in this workshop, we will introduce to you the concept of virtualization and some uses of virtual machines. We will show you how to use virual machine services at Rice, and walk you through a step-by-step example of launching a web-based application.
Bring your laptop!

Keep up with digital humanities at Rice by joining the Rice DH listserv: https://mailman.rice.edu/mailman/listinfo/ricedh

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