Project Based Learning in the Humanities and Social Sciences (4/15)

Project Based Learning in the Humanities and Social Sciences

Tuesday, April 15, 2014
Kyle Morrow Room, Fondren Library (3rd Floor)
Box lunches served at 11:30, session begins at noon

By incorporating projects into classes, instructors can provide real-world contexts for learning, motivate students, and help them develop both in-depth understanding of the subject matter and skills in problem solving, communication and collaboration. This session will focus on Rice humanities and social sciences courses that include innovative digital projects, such as building 3D models, analyzing digital texts, developing scholarly digital resources, or creating digital media. During this panel discussion, faculty from art history, anthropology, history, English and architecture will explore how they have incorporated projects into their courses and what the impact has been on learning.

This session features:

  • John Hopkins and Jeff Fleisher on “Virtual Reconstruction of Historical Cities” (ANTH 346/ ARCH 310/ ART 316/ COMP 316)

  • Caleb McDaniel on “Digital History Methods” (HIST 318)

  • Alida Metcalf and Farès El-Dahdah on “Rio De Janeiro: A Social and Architectural History” (ARCH 366/ HIST 366)

  • Kirsten Ostherr on “Medical Media Arts Lab” (ENGL 386/ FILM 381)

Each instructor or pair of instructors will make a brief presentation, followed by questions and discussion.

Box lunches will be served beginning at 11:30 in the lounge immediately outside the Kyle Morrow Room, and the program will begin at noon. If you would like a box lunch, please RSVP at by Monday, April 14 at 9 a.m. Thanks to the Humanities Research Center and the Center for Teaching Excellence for co-sponsoring this event, which is organized by Rice’s new digital humanities group.

Please contact Lisa Spiro at with any questions.

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